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HIIT Workout

HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training

 This is a training technique where you give an all out

 effort for a short period of time, followed by a period

 of rest or active recovery.

 Both the work and rest intervals can last for however

 long you like, but with most workouts you’ll usually

 find the intervals last for around 10 seconds to I

 minute and the total workout lasts between 4-20


 The work intervals can be done with almost any

 exercise activity. Sprints, Kettlebell Swings, Squat

 Jumps, etc. It all works as long the exercise is done

 with a lot of intensity.

And the rest intervals can include: Jogging, bouncing

 in place, orjust chillin

 But now you might be wondering, why do this? Does it

 have any advantage over regular cardio?

 Here are the 7 HIITProven Benefits to why it works.

 Benefit 1). You Will Save Time at The Gym

 Benefit 2) There’s no equipment needed.

 Yes, you can perform HIIT with all sorts of exercises,

 but it can also be done from almost anywhere with no

 weights or equipment.

 So if you can’t make it to the gym that day, doing a hiit

 workout from home is always a great second option.

 Another serious advantage of hiit is that it give you the


 Benefit 3) Mix things up

 A lot of people complain about not being able to stick

 with a routine because they get bored.

 Because HIIT is simple a protocol and not a specific

 exercise. it can be done with

 Sprints, jump ropes, battle ropes, kettlebells, burpees,

 Benefit 4)People Seem to stick with HIIT

 In one study of 44 participants performed by the

 School of Health and Exercise Sciences,

 we see that people greatly preferred HIIT workouts

 over other forms of cardio.

 Benefit 5) Improved V02 Max

 Your V02 is the amount of oxygen you can use during

 intense maximal exercise. We see in multiple studies

 that those who use HIIT vs. Steady State Cardio have

 a much greater improved v02 max.

Benefit 6) HIIT Matches Regular Cardio’s EPOC

 Now there’s a lot of hype around HIIT’s EPOC or

 Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption. This is

 the burning of extra calorie after a workout. While

 most of the claims I found greatly exaggerated HIIT’s

 effect on EPOC, it is true that a 20 minute HIIT session

 will give you similar “after burn” effects as steady

 state cardio for 60 minutes.

 Benefit 7) Hiit burns just as much fat

 In multiple studies we see that HIIT burns just as

 many calories as steady state cardio in 1/2 the time

 and even in some studies, 1/3 of the time.

 In other study’s we see that HIIT targets and burns

 more body fat than traditional cardio.

 So in a much shorter period of time you’ll get the

 same amount of calorie burn and potentially more fat

 burning by using HIIT.

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