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You can sign up for 7 trial fitness program of Najmeh Tansaz.You can sign up for 7 trial fitness program of Najmeh Tansaz.You can sign up for 7 trial fitness program of Najmeh Tansaz.


Najmeh Tansaz.

Najmeh Tansaz is an Iranian-Canadian professional boxer and actress who lives in Toronto, Canada.

She is a certified box coach from Boxing Ontario Academy in Canada. Najmeh is personal trainer/fitness coach who is expert in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout. She is interested in motorcycling. 

Najmeh believes your body is the most valuable asset and you should exercise and eat healthy to improve your well-being. She has clients from all over the world who attend her fitness classes and consultation sessions. 

These exercises help improve your physical health and your physique.

Najmeh’s classes are both face to face and online.




She developed an interest in sport from a very early age. Her father was and still is a member of Iran Karate Federation. 

Her love of sports flourished in childhood in Volleyball and Tennis. Then she pursued her childhood dreams in Boxing and she is now a professional boxer.

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My Interviews.

Najmeh’s interview with Iran International TV about “banning women from all bodybuilding activities”
A TV piece made by Iran International TV about “ juggling work and motherhood; adapting to quarantine as a fitness coach as a healthy diet believer”.

Najmeh contribution to a BBC World Service- Persian TV  health program on “9 ways to lose your fat”.
Live chat with BBC health producer about HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Q&A with live audience and demonstration of a few exercises


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